The Anti-Christ Rides a Bicycle

I drew this out a number of years on some calculus notes and have planned to make a print of it ever since. Finally here it is!!!!



This is the more refined drawing when I was getting it ready for the print.

photo 2 (4).JPG

This is the tracing paper to block the light from the photo emulsion

photo 1 (1).JPG

Here is the print itself! On yours truly! I can’t wait for all the other cyclist and motorist to be so pissed off at me! They’re going to try to run me off the road! Can’t wait


Until next time, Hail Satan!


Black Mass

I’ve wanted to make a screen like this in ages and I finally did it! Behold Baphomet!


Baphomet I.JPG

When I started to draw the pentagram I got frustrated so I quickly grabbed a paper and sketched out the drawing on the left. After that I was ready and made the iconic symbol to the right.


Baphomet II.JPG

screen and product sitting on top of the light box, used to burn the image into the photo emulsion.



If you haven’t figured it out yet, I like to create hell. I’m a cyclist who has great distaste for the cycling community. I find it dull, sterile and extremely corporate. So like I’ve mentioned before I sew my own cycling clothes and I print on them. As you can see I’ve made this jersey a bit more abrasive than the usual cycling jersey. If you would like to see more things I have sewn, you can find them at


-Raise unholy hell everywhere you go!

Night time doodles

I’m trying to come up with more print designs so I can make more interesting cycling jerseys. These both need a little more work and design if I am going to use them but I think it’s a good start.

Crow and Poppy

I think this should be a hand embroidered piece. I has such a nice folk feel.

I drew the crow and poppies in the train one evening and the skull idea just barely popped into my head. I’m not sure about the stripes and polka dots. I think it looks a little too much like the U.S. flag but it’s a good start.

Skull and star

Dead Crow Society

A long time ago My friend and I decided to start a bicycle crew called the Dead Crow Society. After many sketches I finally came upon a design I liked and here it is!


We wanted to have an 1800’s occult feel. The cycling community is a bit dull and all the years of being in the punk and goth scene are hard to shake.


The design in the top right corner is the result of an awesome bike ride and being completely drunk! On the left a sketch of a potential jersey. (I sew as well)

I decided that the simple illustration needed more and so I grabbed my protractor and compass and added a little more frill.

I decided that the simple illustration needed more and so I grabbed my protractor and compass and added a little more frill.

dcs2 dcs4

The jerseys are handmade by myself, from the pattern to the sewing.  The silk and block printing is done by myself as well. If you are curious about my sewing you can see more at

Distracted Minds

It’s late, I’m listening to PIL and trying to study for my quiz. As usual I get caught up doodling and planning out the next cycling jersey that I’m going to sew. But at least I have a drawing of our wonderful Milutin Milankovitch! Clever lil’ fart!


I have always wondered how illustrators for science text books get their jobs. ‘Cause man, I’d rather see my illustrations than theirs! Their illustrations are always so dull and homogeneous.