I Heart Naked People

The WaltzIt’s been forever since I’ve been on here. I’ve been sewing a lot and playing with calligraphy and recently I have been obsessed with drawing naked people. Who doesn’t like naked people?


Loathsome Me

I am known to hate everyone. It’s true, this friendly neighborhood atheist, loathes all people! But I had a friend many years ago point out that I hate groups of people and love individuals. So past that spikey exterior is a sweet lil’ angel. That still doesn’t mean I want to talk to you when I’m at the grocery store!



Once again cephalopods with human hands as tentacles. I’m obsessed with cephalopods! I need to go fossil hunting again.

Fun Fact: I like to draw big chubby naked angels (with genitals obscured from vision) on napkins when I’m at coffee shops and leave the napkin for someone to find. Deep in my heart I hope they find it offensive. Satan’s work is never done.



The Dull Ages

Life is quite meaningless. The only purpose to life is survive and breed better than everyone else. Everyone, this is including all other species from all five Kingdoms. I don’t mean that we should just die or be mean to each other. It is my view that life doesn’t need purpose to live, I live just because I am. This being said here’s a little number I tossed up for ya! It really captures the essence of a very close friend of mine!

numb cats.jpg


Feel free to leave any comment, I’m not really here for a dogmatic, philosophical or lets compare scars forum. This being said, I am here for high fives and hate messages directed in my general vicinity.


-Love ya

Long Legs and Exoskeletons, Gets My Motor Runnin’!

I’m working on a design for a friends tattoo. A beautiful profile of a grasshopper which we all know is my favorite extant arthropod!

grasshopper tattoo

My friend wanted more of a line drawing, so I had to do away with my usual shading and put more detail all over the illustration. My first attempt was straight from a picture but was a little off so I just quickly sketched this guy up in half a minute and the proportions were almost perfect. Then I just fine tuned the proportions and took time with the details. It always amazes me how just doing fast sketches usually turns out better than when you put too much thought into every pencil stroke.

Night time doodles

I’m trying to come up with more print designs so I can make more interesting cycling jerseys. These both need a little more work and design if I am going to use them but I think it’s a good start.

Crow and Poppy

I think this should be a hand embroidered piece. I has such a nice folk feel.

I drew the crow and poppies in the train one evening and the skull idea just barely popped into my head. I’m not sure about the stripes and polka dots. I think it looks a little too much like the U.S. flag but it’s a good start.

Skull and star

Dead Crow Society

A long time ago My friend and I decided to start a bicycle crew called the Dead Crow Society. After many sketches I finally came upon a design I liked and here it is!


We wanted to have an 1800’s occult feel. The cycling community is a bit dull and all the years of being in the punk and goth scene are hard to shake.


The design in the top right corner is the result of an awesome bike ride and being completely drunk! On the left a sketch of a potential jersey. (I sew as well)

I decided that the simple illustration needed more and so I grabbed my protractor and compass and added a little more frill.

I decided that the simple illustration needed more and so I grabbed my protractor and compass and added a little more frill.

dcs2 dcs4

The jerseys are handmade by myself, from the pattern to the sewing.  The silk and block printing is done by myself as well. If you are curious about my sewing you can see more at ghprs.wordpress.com



When I was a little boy, I would spend most of my free time drawing and riding my bike. I used to worship Van Gogh and wanted to be an artist.  When I became a teenager I spent all my time drawing and playing guitar, I still liked Van Gogh but fell in love with Albrecht Durer. I remember studying the human body, drawing it over and over again all summer, till I could draw it straight from my head. I swore I was going to go to art school but I never did.
Many of my sketches start with one little idea and ten minutes later is something totally different. This little sketch is so different from the original plan that it threw me off and I did not expect a mountain of memories to overtake me like a landslide. Maybe it’s my subconscious telling me it’s time to start taking art serious again and start training myself or maybe it’s late and I better get some sleep so I can study all tomorrow.