Loathsome Me

I am known to hate everyone. It’s true, this friendly neighborhood atheist, loathes all people! But I had a friend many years ago point out that I hate groups of people and love individuals. So past that spikey exterior is a sweet lil’ angel. That still doesn’t mean I want to talk to you when I’m at the grocery store!



Once again cephalopods with human hands as tentacles. I’m obsessed with cephalopods! I need to go fossil hunting again.

Fun Fact: I like to draw big chubby naked angels (with genitals obscured from vision) on napkins when I’m at coffee shops and leave the napkin for someone to find. Deep in my heart I hope they find it offensive. Satan’s work is never done.




Children of the Night

Here’s a few of my Children of the Night sketches. They are a playful bunch, full of nighttime mischief.


Children of the Night



Night is mineThe character in the back ground is Humpy Joe. He “pops” up in my illustrations from time to time. Pun, intended and in bad taste… naturally.