Loathsome Me

I am known to hate everyone. It’s true, this friendly neighborhood atheist, loathes all people! But I had a friend many years ago point out that I hate groups of people and love individuals. So past that spikey exterior is a sweet lil’ angel. That still doesn’t mean I want to talk to you when I’m at the grocery store!



Once again cephalopods with human hands as tentacles. I’m obsessed with cephalopods! I need to go fossil hunting again.

Fun Fact: I like to draw big chubby naked angels (with genitals obscured from vision) on napkins when I’m at coffee shops and leave the napkin for someone to find. Deep in my heart I hope they find it offensive. Satan’s work is never done.




The Dull Ages

Life is quite meaningless. The only purpose to life is survive and breed better than everyone else. Everyone, this is including all other species from all five Kingdoms. I don’t mean that we should just die or be mean to each other. It is my view that life doesn’t need purpose to live, I live just because I am. This being said here’s a little number I tossed up for ya! It really captures the essence of a very close friend of mine!

numb cats.jpg


Feel free to leave any comment, I’m not really here for a dogmatic, philosophical or lets compare scars forum. This being said, I am here for high fives and hate messages directed in my general vicinity.


-Love ya



When I was a little boy, I would spend most of my free time drawing and riding my bike. I used to worship Van Gogh and wanted to be an artist.  When I became a teenager I spent all my time drawing and playing guitar, I still liked Van Gogh but fell in love with Albrecht Durer. I remember studying the human body, drawing it over and over again all summer, till I could draw it straight from my head. I swore I was going to go to art school but I never did.
Many of my sketches start with one little idea and ten minutes later is something totally different. This little sketch is so different from the original plan that it threw me off and I did not expect a mountain of memories to overtake me like a landslide. Maybe it’s my subconscious telling me it’s time to start taking art serious again and start training myself or maybe it’s late and I better get some sleep so I can study all tomorrow.