Things that Go Bump in the Night

All the good people are asleep… and dreaming. (you get kudos and a special place in my soulless heart if you know the song that uses that sample)


Peeping Tom.png

Oh, those lil’ creatures of the night sure are curious!


Children of the Night

Here’s a few of my Children of the Night sketches. They are a playful bunch, full of nighttime mischief.


Children of the Night



Night is mineThe character in the back ground is Humpy Joe. He “pops” up in my illustrations from time to time. Pun, intended and in bad taste… naturally.

The Dull Ages

Life is quite meaningless. The only purpose to life is survive and breed better than everyone else. Everyone, this is including all other species from all five Kingdoms. I don’t mean that we should just die or be mean to each other. It is my view that life doesn’t need purpose to live, I live just because I am. This being said here’s a little number I tossed up for ya! It really captures the essence of a very close friend of mine!

numb cats.jpg


Feel free to leave any comment, I’m not really here for a dogmatic, philosophical or lets compare scars forum. This being said, I am here for high fives and hate messages directed in my general vicinity.


-Love ya

Distracted Minds

It’s late, I’m listening to PIL and trying to study for my quiz. As usual I get caught up doodling and planning out the next cycling jersey that I’m going to sew. But at least I have a drawing of our wonderful Milutin Milankovitch! Clever lil’ fart!


I have always wondered how illustrators for science text books get their jobs. ‘Cause man, I’d rather see my illustrations than theirs! Their illustrations are always so dull and homogeneous.