Month: December 2014

skulls and poppies

I attended on of my favorite lectures/lab today. While everyone was trying to decipher the data I did this little sketch!



I decided to try some water color… not so sure about it. I think I need practice. I have been messing around with more art nouveau, unfortunately every time I go to post the drawings, I realize that I drew genitals and I’m not so sure if wordpress will be down with badearser being for general audience. Though I see nothing wrong with nudity.


The unfinished piece, I’m not sure if I will finish it either.

Distracted Minds

It’s late, I’m listening to PIL and trying to study for my quiz. As usual I get caught up doodling and planning out the next cycling jersey that I’m going to sew. But at least I have a drawing of our wonderful Milutin Milankovitch! Clever lil’ fart!


I have always wondered how illustrators for science text books get their jobs. ‘Cause man, I’d rather see my illustrations than theirs! Their illustrations¬†are always so dull and homogeneous.