I’m not condoning alcoholism but I want to defend alcohol, it has played an important roll in my life. Since I can’t afford insurance, bicycles and alcohol are my only medicines for my frequent anxiety attacks. I bike daily, so I don’t drink often but some days, the anxiety is so over baring that I need to take a swig of some ethanol. So here is my thank you drawing to liquor! thank you alcohol, you are always there for me.

not drunk

Fun Facts: The word pasteurization comes from Louis Pasteur. A chemist and microbiologist who came up with pasteurizing beer and wine! Also I do have several bikes as the illustration shows and I really do have a periodic table next to my bed (I know, your jealous).



  1. I expect there is a reason ethanol can be taken , and produce its unique effects yet its younger sister methanol is poison.
    There are a string of alchols depending on carbon chain length.
    I wonder if all are poisonous and ethanol is the exception.

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