Month: November 2014



When I was a little boy, I would spend most of my free time drawing and riding my bike. I used to worship Van Gogh and wanted to be an artist.  When I became a teenager I spent all my time drawing and playing guitar, I still liked Van Gogh but fell in love with Albrecht Durer. I remember studying the human body, drawing it over and over again all summer, till I could draw it straight from my head. I swore I was going to go to art school but I never did.
Many of my sketches start with one little idea and ten minutes later is something totally different. This little sketch is so different from the original plan that it threw me off and I did not expect a mountain of memories to overtake me like a landslide. Maybe it’s my subconscious telling me it’s time to start taking art serious again and start training myself or maybe it’s late and I better get some sleep so I can study all tomorrow.



I’m not condoning alcoholism but I want to defend alcohol, it has played an important roll in my life. Since I can’t afford insurance, bicycles and alcohol are my only medicines for my frequent anxiety attacks. I bike daily, so I don’t drink often but some days, the anxiety is so over baring that I need to take a swig of some ethanol. So here is my thank you drawing to liquor! thank you alcohol, you are always there for me.

not drunk

Fun Facts: The word pasteurization comes from Louis Pasteur. A chemist and microbiologist who came up with pasteurizing beer and wine! Also I do have several bikes as the illustration shows and I really do have a periodic table next to my bed (I know, your jealous).

Late night distractions

Here is a lovely illustration of an ammonoid, crinoid, rugose corral, archimedes and brain corral. This is my quick depiction of a cretaceous marine environment (the ammonoid’s sutures are characteristic of the cretaceous). But wait! Archimedes and rugose died out by the Permian, this sketch is as misleading as Jurassic Park! Well at least it’s invertebrates (sorry to all my vertebrate peeps).


Personal fun fact: one day a hope to find a crinoid calyx!