Shout out to all my math peeps

Math is really hard but at the same time it is so amazing. You can describe the world and the universe using math and the more you use it the more you understand about all our surroundings. This sketch is just a little thank you to the supposed man who discovered irrational numbers. Some accounts state that Hippasus (a pythagorian) discovered irrational numbers and was punished for divulging this information to the people. His punishment was to drown himself, some accounts say that the sentence was directed by the gods and some say that the pythagorians’ minds were so blown that they threw Hippasus over the ship that they were in. Needless to say, life has always been pretty rough for hustlers and mathematicians!


Fun Fact: My favorite shape is the triangle. You can do so much and describe so much using a triangle! Not to mention that the unit circle is just meaningless without understanding triangles. I also use the pythagorian theorem and trigonometric functions when I sew and draw symmetric pictures! Gee, math sure is great!


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