Thermodynamic Heart Throb

“The greatest mind in American history” That’s what someone by the name of A. Einstein said, but what does he know?         I personally think that Josiah Willard Gibbs was a man of mystery, destined to win your heart. And this is why…


J.W. Gibbs was a scrawny little nerd, that locked himself up in the lab and refused to be the rock star he really was. He could of had it all, drugs, booze, promiscuous relationships. But instead he made thermodynamics much easier, so idiots like me can explain it at parties and enjoy what Gibbs did not. (wink) And for this I would like to commemorate Gibbs in hopes that at least one person will read this post and be as moved as I was when I plotted my first phase diagram.


(illustration2) here is Gibbs again, look how wonderfully awkward he is! (sigh)… I wish I was more like him.




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