Heat Cramps, Heat Wave, Heath Ledger

These are some old class notes from a class that was, what should I say…not all that challenging for me? (not the professor’s fault I assure you)

chng1The Prof. liked to talk about a so called “climate gorilla”, apparently there is a gorilla that likes to hide and surprise all of us climatically. Such examples may include but not exclude ocean degassing of CO2 and CH4 (methane), aerosols being released by volcanoes (causing cooling for a couple of years) and oceanic current shut downs (which result in releasing CH4, ie the PaleoceneEoceneThermalMaximum [PETM])!


This illustration is based upon a real photo of Milutin Milankovic, who calculated the earth’s orbital cycles and correlated them with long term climatic changes while in jail, only later to become a renowned ladies man. Not unlike his more contemporary counterpart, TupacShakur!   Science sure is neat!


And here is that lovable mischievous climate gorilla again! He’s always full of surprises!



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